Dr Jeanette Pine – Specialising in Children’s Health

Is your baby hard to settle to sleep or feed?

Are you concerned that your baby has excessive crying or need for comfort?

Was your baby’s birth complicated or traumatic for your baby or you?

Are you concerned about your child’s development, speech or learning?

Does your child have problems with toileting, wetting or soiling?

Do your child’s strong feelings (anxiety, sadness, anger) or behaviour (shyness, aggression, perfectionism, inattention, withdrawal, overactivity, fidgetiness) cause problems for them at childcare, school, home or with friends?

Are you worried about your child’s strong feelings or behaviour?

Is parenting more challenging than you expected?

Do you and your partner seriously differ in your parenting styles?

Has your family had a major change, loss or disruption that has affected wellbeing and relationships?

Does your child have a parent or other family member living with mental health, addiction or chronic health problems?

Are you or your child affected by violence or abuse, now or in the past?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES and you would like to talk to someone, call 9383-2493 and book an appointment with Dr Jeanette Pine.