Dr Peter Walsh [BMBS, BSc (Hons), PhD]

A father of two, Peter is great with kids and he has a Diploma in Child Health. Peter is experienced in minor surgical procedures including mole removal, the excision of skin cancers, skin tags, cysts, sebaceous cysts and other lesions as well as wound repair and Implanon insertion and removal.

Peter is available at our bulk-billing Skin Clinic to carry out a total skin assessment. Regular assessment of your skin is important for the early detection and treatment of any suspicious skin lesions.

Peter is interested in the interplay between nutrition, gut flora and health. He also works with a number of elite athletes to ensure they are maximising their performance naturally.

In addition to his medical degree, Peter has a background in medical research with a PhD in molecular and cell biology from the University of Melbourne and several years experience working on drug discovery projects.

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