Therapeutic hypnosis uses the mind’s own processes to facilitate healing and positive behaviour change. Hypnotic trance is a naturally-arising state in which the mind is absorbed in its own inner reality (think about those times when you have day-dreamed on the tram and not been aware of part of the journey). Making use of the mind’s ability to accept suggestions, a hypnotherapist guides this selective focus towards therapeutic ends. When hypnosis is used for therapy it is a gentle, relaxing experience of communication between the therapist and the patient.

Dr Petrina Barson

Dr Petrina Barson has a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis from the College of Medical Hypnosis, and a Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Sciences (Clinical Hypnosis) from the University of Melbourne. She uses hypnosis as part of the therapy in the treatment of mental illnesses such as anxiety disorders, depression and trauma. She also uses hypnosis to assist people to quit smoking and to lose weight.

If you wish to discuss hypnosis with Dr Barson, please ask our receptionist for a ‘double’ (30 minute) appointment. Dr Barson would rarely if ever perform hypnosis in the first session, as it is best performed after an assessment of the problem in the context of the person’s life situation, expectations, and medical and mental health history.

Stella Dichiera

Stella Dichiera – Clinical Hypnotherapist – has been practising for 14 years and is passionate about empowering people to make changes and enhance their lives. Stella believes there needs to be more education and awareness of hypnotherapy as a valid method to achieve this. Stella provides a very effective Quit Smoking session, supported by a CD and booklet to take home. She specialises in Weight Loss and uses the latest program from the UK developed by Sheila Granger called Virtual Gastric Banding. This is a process where the client imagines their stomach to be much smaller and will automatically reduce their portion sizes and will be encouraged to exercise. This is in conjunction with listening daily to a supporting hypnotherapy CD. … MORE


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