Integrative medicine is a specialty of medicine using a combination of nutrition, supplements, herbs and other non-drug therapeutic regimes such as bio  identical hormone therapy.

Dr Arete Kouteris is trained as a specialist general practitioner but also holds a degree in Naturopathy and has undertaken ACNEM training (Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine).  Dr Kouteris works as both a general practitioner and an Integrative Medicine Practitioner.

Integrative medicine appointments are a specialist service and so are not bulk billed and are charged at a higher rate. Integrative medicine looks at the cause of a medical complaint, rather than only treating the symptoms; so the first approach is to look at diet and lifestyle issues and correct any nutritional deficiencies. Herbs can be used, as often they work to assist the body to take a different pathway and promote healing.

Medical Laser Acupuncture can also be considered as an additional therapeutic modality.

Integrative medicine can be used in conjunction with pharmaceutical treatment and is often used as an adjunct to cancer therapies and chronic disease management.

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