Appointments can be booked online through HotDocs (visit Home page) OR by calling our reception team (03) 9383 2493.

During the COVID-19 crisis our main priority is to keep you safe. For this reason, we prefer to conduct most appointments over the phone or video-link, and only see you face-to-face for matters that cannot be adequately treated without a visit to the clinic.

If booking your appointment online, when asked to choose ‘What type of appointment do you need?’ – unless you are a new patient, or the appointment is for Medical Acupuncture, we prefer that you select ‘Telephone’ Appointment Type, rather than Face-to-Face, if possible.

If you have ANY symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, or headache, you MUST book an initial telephone consultation. During that consultation, the doctor will assess you and, if necessary, book you in for a face-to-face consultation during one of our dedicated respiratory clinics each weekday afternoon. If your symptoms are severe, and you require immediate medical attention, please call 000.